Guaranteed Sale Program
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The ERA Sellers Security Plan

Guaranteed Sale, Guaranteed Closing Date and Guaranteed Fair Market Value.
If you are worried about the sale of your home, don't be!   ERA is the only real estate company that has a program to relieve a sellers concerns about the sale and closing of their home. Think of the ERA Seller's Security Plan as an insurance policy or safty net against unforseeable market changes that could effect how much and when you must sell your home. When you accept an offer from ERA you are guaranteed that your house is sold and a closing date in place. You are also given plenty of time to market your home and accept higher offers before closing with ERA, assuring you receive fair market value.

You get the profit, ERA covers any loss.
Almost always, you will receive more than the price guaranteed by ERA. If ERA ends up purchasing your house and then resells it for more than we have in it (including holding and closing expenses), the net profits are returned to you. But if ERA sells it for less, you don't take the loss, ERA does.

Sellers Security Plan Frequently Asked Questions

Other conditions also apply. To see if your property is eligible and to learn more, contact us today.